About Mia

Selling Real Estate is something that brings great joy to me especially when the transaction is completed and my buyers and or sellers are settled in their home.

 I have been selling Real Estate since 2003 and I am proud to say that since my first year as a Realtor I have always been a Top Producer for our company winning numerous awards, certificates and receiving every year a Bronze, Silver or Gold medals for Sales.

 I was borne in Bogota Colombia S. A. and immigrated to the US in 1964 living in New York City for several years were I then moved to California then to Europe where I resided in Germany and England for several years and ending up in Texas where I now call home.

 I am fully bilingual in Spanish, speak some French and German.  Besides selling Real Estate my second passion is traveling with my husband Don whom I have been married to for over 20 years.  If I am not traveling, then I enjoy painting and sketching with pen and ink.

Our Mission Statement:

Being a “personal real estate consultant” is more than just a phrase or title, it’s my philosophy.  I strive to live up to the commitment to provide my clients with expertise and exceptional service, while building a trustworthy relationship in the process.

 It is my goal as your personal real estate consultant to ease your hesitations, worries or skepticism when selling your house or purchasing a new one. To help and guide you through the process of making important decisions, I know that I must listen and fully understand your needs. 

Because your needs may change from day to day, I will continually assess the necessary services required to make buying or selling your home a productive and hassle-free experience.

 Thank you for your placing your trust in me.


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